Adult Degree Majors & Minors

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Business Administration

(with option to add a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Logistics)

The degree in Business Administration is designed to prepare students as supervisors or managers in a number of settings to include government agencies, healthcare settings, retail stores and a number of other organizations. The curriculum offers a well-rounded educational approach the business world—emphasizing skills in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management, and organizational behavior. Students also have the option to add a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Logistics.


The accounting major provides students with knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles, accounting theory, and business practices necessary for rewarding personal lives, good citizenship, and professional advancement. A degree in Accounting prepares students for professions in cost accounting, public accounting, auditing, security, and financial analysis in a variety of professional settings.

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The degree in Marketing includes a number of business courses including 24 hours specific to marketing. Some of those courses include: Consumer Behavior, Advertising, Services Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Retail Marketing among others.  Student will be prepared to pursue careers in marketing management, marketing research, advertising and promotions along with a number of other careers in the marketing field.

Computer Information Systems

A degree in Computer Information Systems encompasses mastery of web design and development, programming, database, networking, and security skills. This curriculum prepares its graduates for professional advancement in any of a wide variety of careers in information systems and/or graduate education.

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Organizational Leadership

(with option to add a concentration in Healthcare Administration)

A major in Organizational Leadership provides students with the educational background necessary to succeed in a broad spectrum of professions and is an excellent foundation for the pursuit of several advanced degree programs.  This is an interdisciplinary degree that exposes students to business, social science, and humanities concepts that will provide a solid foundation in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, writing, and communication.  Organizations are looking for leaders that understand work behavior, interpersonal and group dynamics as well as how to solve problems for growth and success.


A degree in Psychology exposes students to the basic areas of the discipline, including research design and analysis, human development, personality and psychopathology, social behavior, learning and cognition, and neuroscience. The curriculum is also designed to prepare the student for further training in either graduate school or an applied setting such as social service.

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Criminal Justice Studies

A degree in Criminal Justice is designed to educate students in the three areas of the criminal justice system: Law Enforcement, Judiciary, and Corrections. This degree prepare students for advanced degrees and for positions within the criminal justice system and related entities.

Elementary Education

A bachelors of science in Elementary Education prepares students for licensure in grades K-6. Students will be exposed to coursework in educational theory and practice, introduction to teaching, books for children, technology in education, reading, language arts, and curriculum in elementary education, etc.

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Political Science

The Political Science major prepares students for a career in politics and power from domestic, international and comparative perspectives. You will study the comparative structures of all governments and how laws are made. Learn the impact of how government policy impacts us socially and economically.

RN to BSN Program

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) online program prepares you for an advanced professional role in the healthcare system of tomorrow. Established with insight from healthcare employers, the program will provide registered nurses with a broadened skill set to integrate new and innovative knowledge into daily nursing practice. Obtaining your RN to BSN degree will position you to drive change and transform the landscape of healthcare for the betterment of those receiving your services.

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