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Students Want Trump to Focus on National Unity, Health Care

Like the rest of the country, the Wesleyan student body, in reflecting on the election of Donald J. Trump as America’s 45th President, expressed a range of emotions: delight, fear, validation, anger. Christopher Imoukhuede was one of numerous students who also expressed shock at Trump’s election. “I was surprised to wake up in the morning to learn that Donald Trump had won the election,” he said. Other students had positive feelings about Trump’s victory. “I’m glad Trump won,” Courtney Moss said. Nikolas Dunlap felt the same way. “I believe Trump will be a good president,” he said. Gregory Moore agreed, calling it a “good choice. It will help our job rate.” Johnnie Benton sees Trump as a necessary change agent. “America’s in need of change and I think Donald Trump can help,” he said. “Being a businessman, he knows what it takes to be successful.” Sully Reece wasn’t satisfied with either Clinton or Trump. “I don’t have a problem with the election results,” he said. “I felt like neither candidate deserved to be president, but the best choice won.” (Read More)

Wesleyan Receiver Malik Adams Ends Standout Career

Senior wide receiver Malik Adams has enjoyed a phenomenal career at NCWC Last season’s Offensive Player of the Year, Adams has just been named to the USA South Conference first team for the third consecutive year. Working with new quarterback Nate Gardner, Adams caught 53 passes and a league-leading 97.9 yard per game and 11 touchdowns. He will graduate as Wesleyan’s careerleader in every receiving category, and his 47 career TDs is a USA South record. (Read More)

Jonathan Sarris: 2016 Exemplary Teacher Engages Students

In May of last year, history professor Jonathan Sarris earned recognition in the form of Wesleyan’s Exemplary Teacher Award. The award was announced at graduation. Sarris, an associate professor, received a framed certificate, and a speech was made about his teaching qualities and what made him deserving of the award. “I felt lucky to receive the award, since it’s been won in the past by really good teachers who I respect and admire a lot,” Sarris said. Jessica Brabble and Joshua Campbell have taken classes with Sarris. The two agree that he was more than deserving of the award. “He deserved it,” Campbell said. “He works very hard in the history department and it shows. He’s constantly coming up with new ideas for his students and he’s always researching and staying up to date with current events and new findings.” (Read More)

Elena Koutouzos (’10) Named
New Financial Aid Director

Elena Koutouzos, a 2010 Wesleyan graduate, has been elevated to the key post of Financial Aid Director. The 28-year-old Rocky Mount resident had been serving as a budget analyst in the college’s Finance Department since September 2015. In that job, she was responsible for accounts payable, budget tracking, and coordination of the college’s Title III grant. (Read More)

Men's Soccer

problem at times, noting that Maryville players were successful in irritating the Bishops during their two matches. “They got under our skin with little fouls here and there, which upset some of our players,” he said. NCWC fans have seen the last of forwards Caetano Viegas (7 goals, 2 assists) and Julius Oskarsson (3 goals, 2 assists). Other graduating seniors include midfielder Drew Wiltse (2014 team MVP) and Alex Andrade and defenders H. Bjarneyjarson and Thorfinnsson. (Read More)