Get to Know Dr. Clark – NCWC President

Get to know NCWC’s 7th President, Dr. Dewey Clark. Dr. Clark first joined the college as a staff member in 1982 as an admissions counselor. He returned to campus in May of 2014 as the first alumnus to serve as President.

How would you describe your job to the student body?
Being President is a very rewarding job in that I am helping to shape the minds of the future.   Every student here is very important and I want each one of them to reach their maximum potential and get the return on their Wesleyan education that I have gotten out of mine.

What are your goals for Wesleyan as the president of this college?
Actually, this is a very simple question and can be summed up in the statement “Wesleyan is going to grow by 100 students a year for the next 10 years while improving quality in every area”. The founders of the college made it clear that they wanted a small liberal arts Christian college of 2,000 students.   I have read this over and over in the early documents.  By growing by 100 students a year, as we have over the past 3 years, we will be at 2,000 students in 2026.  Additionally we will have extra revenues to improve the quality of every area on the campus.

What do you enjoy most about working at Wesleyan? 
The enormous potential that is here would be the first thing. Wesleyan is on the verge of some really incredible times.  Our next ten years will be the best decade in the history of the college.   I also really enjoy the interaction with the students.   One of my goals this year is to get to know each one of them.

What piece of advice do you have for freshmen?
You can get a great education at Wesleyan but it is up to you.   Get involved in campus life and make a lot of friends.  Do not be scared to try something new.   There is no perfect college and parts of Wesleyan will be frustrating.  However, over the next 4 years the college will be making progress every day and will be dramatically different when you graduate.

When you manage to have some free time, what do you enjoy doing?
I love to travel and have visited 41 states and 23 foreign countries. Reading is my favorite pastime and I generally average a book per week.   Mostly I read about history, Christianity, and management.   Lastly, I am an avid sports fan pulling for the Boston Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys and UNC basketball.

What is a fun fact about you that students may not know?
I collect Indian artifacts and coins. I have a coin from every country in the world.

Contact:, (252) 985-5141