Friday Feature- Elijah Gourley

Meet Elijah Gourley!


Where are you from? Where did you graduate from?

I am from Walnut Cove, NC, and graduated as a homeschool student


What made you decide to come to Wesleyan?

The first is that I believe the staff truly care about and invest in the students.

The second reason is that the John & Charles Wesley Heritage Scholarship enables me to obtain a quality private education that I would not have been able to afford on my own. The third and final reason is that I believe God has created a path for me to grow in Him and make a difference; I believe NC Wesleyan College is a platform that cultivates character through education and other opportunities in a way that prepares students to make a unique difference.


Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

I am definitely considered an extrovert.


Vacation in Hawaii or Alaska? Why?

I would rather vacation to Hawaii because I have always wanted to visit there.


What is your spirit animal?

I would probably say I am a tiger. They are considered engaged in their environment, active, intuitive, caring, and protective, but also known to get hangry (angry due to prolonged hunger)..


Favorite cold weather drink?

My Favorite cold weather drink is chocolate milk. It’s always a good time for chocolate milk.


What is your favorite thing about Wesleyan?

My favorite thing about Wesleyan is by far the staff and faculty. They do not just say they care, they show it.


What is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve would probably be when people leave trash a couple steps from a trash can instead of just putting it in.


Favorite part about the NCWC campus?

My favorite part about the campus is that it is continuing to grow, bettering the college education and experience.


Tell us one odd or interesting fact about you.

When I was younger, I said I wasn’t going to college and would become a pro football player. Then I was told I practically had to go to college and play to make it to the NFL. Now that I’m older, my dreams have changed a little, but it’s empowering to think that all these years later I am fulfilling that dream and others at NC Wesleyan College.

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