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North Carolina Wesleyan College is happy to introduce online bill pay via CASHNet Payment Platforms! Click on the icon below for payments! 

For more instructions on how to make online payments CLICK HERE


NCWC accepts cash, checks and money orders. All credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) can be made using Cashnet.


All checks should be made payable to North Carolina Wesleyan College (NCWC).  Please include the student’s
name and student’s ID number on all payments.

Mail Payments to:
North Carolina Wesleyan College
Attn: Business Office
3400 N. Wesleyan Blvd.
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Account Facts (Traditional)

Tuition and fees are due and payable prior to the beginning of each semester. Failure to pay current semester charges may cause the student’s class registration to be cancelled. Unpaid charges on the student account may prevent the student from registering for an upcoming term. Each month you can review your account statement online listing charges and credits and showing the current balance. It is the student’s responsibility to make full payment, whether the student receives a statement or not.  To view your student account statement, please log in to MyNCWC and click the My Finances tab, then Business Office, and then Course and Fee Statement.You can then click on the button that says Generate My Course and Fee Statement.

Financial Aid

Check the student statements each month to make sure the financial aid is listed. Please refer to the Student Aid Award Letter to see what financial aid the student will receive and check it off as it appears on the statements. If financial aid does not appear on the statement, contact your financial aid counselor.

Student Liability and Responsibilities

When a student registers for a class, the student is liable for payment of the charges for that class, whether or not the student attends. The student will be billed for any unpaid charges, and the student may not register or obtain a transcript until the account is paid in full. To have charges removed or adjusted, the student must withdraw from a class during the refund drop period. (See Withdrawal Policy).

The student is responsible for full payment of all charges on the account by the due date, whether the student receives a bill or not, even if the account is being paid by another party.

The student is responsible for keeping the Registrar’s Office informed of any address changes.

Indebtedeness Policy

Any student who has a financial indebtedness to North Carolina Wesleyan College may not be permitted to register for classes. The College may suspend all services and will withhold diplomas, transcripts, and all references until payment is received in full. The student understands and agrees that upon default for non-payment, any outstanding balances may be forwarded to a collection agency, and any costs or fees associated with the collection of the indebtedness will be charged to the student.

Credits that are the result of overpayments or excess financial aid will be refunded to the student by check. Traditional Day students may pick up their checks in the Business Office and checks for the Aspire students will be mailed to the address that we have in our system.  An email will be sent to the student’s school email address when a refund check has been processed.  Please note, we must have received the funds from the various lenders and outside sources, and you must qualify for the funds.  Traditional Day students will be required to present their student ID to pick up their refund check.

Registration at the College is considered a contract binding the student for charges for the entire semester. The College makes a number of financial commitments based on enrollment.  Many of these commitments do not change even if students subsequently withdraw.  However, in order to accommodate those exceptional situations, which require withdrawal, the College will allow prorated charges (during a specific time frame) to students who follow the official procedures for withdrawing from the College.  Scholarships and other financial aid will be prorated in accordance with appropriate regulations.

Traditional Day Students:

  • Withdrawals before the first day of the term will receive 100% of their charges credited back to their student account.
  • Withdrawals up to the end of the third week of the term will receive a percentage credited to their student account for Tuition.  Please note, charges for the Residence Hall, Meal Plan, Insurance, and other fees will not be prorated.  This percentage is determined by dividing the total number of days the student attended by the total number of calendar days of the payment period (semester).  Financial Aid will be adjusted per Federal and State regulations for that payment period (semester).
  • Withdrawals after the third week of the term will receive NO reduction in institutional charges.  However; the College must continue to return Title IV funds as required by Federal and State regulations for that payment period (semester).


All Aspire students must withdraw from their classes within the first seven (7) days of the term/subterm to receive a credit of the tuition cost.  After this time, the student will be fully charged for the class whether they attend or not.  Financial Aid will be adjusted per Federal and State regulations for that payment period (semester).


Please note, withdrawing from the College does not eliminate a balance that you may owe.  Also, withdrawing from the College may cause you to owe additional funds.

The student will receive a letter from the Business Office within 45 days from the date of withdrawal stating what the remaining balance is on the student account.

Traditional Students:

We understand that paying for college can be difficult for many families.  Therefore; NCWC makes it easier by offering a payment plan that allows families to pay their student account on a monthly basis.

To assist families who prefer to use a payment plan, please contact the Business Office at 252.985.5104or to receive the information needed to set up the payment plan.

The payment plan option offers the flexibility of dividing the total amount due for the semester by 5 monthly payments.  There is a $20.00 application fee added each semester you wish to use the payment plan option. Fall semester payments begin August 1 and end December 1.  Spring semester payments are due January 1 and end May 1.  Payments are due on the first of each month.  We do offer the option to have your account automatically drafted on the first of each month.  If you wish to take advantage of the automatic draft option, please contact the Business Office.

A late payment fee of $10.00 per payment will be assessed on all past due payments.  A $35.00 service fee will be charged for any payment that is returned for insufficient funds or is not collectable for any reason.

In order to pre-register for the next term, your payment plan must be current.  Also, your payment plan must be paid in full and you do not owe NCWC any additional funds in order to receive an official transcript and/or diploma.

Allison Moss
Director of Student Accounts

Amy Wood
Student Account Representative

Denikee Carter
Student Account Representative