Religious Studies

Overview & Academics

The Religious Studies Program will teach students to think profoundly and communicate clearly about societal issues and existential human questions through research, reading, writing, and discussion. Students will develop a mature understanding of Judeo-Christian traditions and a deep appreciation for other major religions.


Department Contact

Andrew Stern, Ph.D.
Religious Studies Program Coordinator
Emory University
(252) 985-5119

Career Options

Major Requirements
A minimum of 30 semester hours in religion courses including Religion 101 or 115, 427, and 3 semester hours each in Biblical (201, 202, 320); Historical (220, 325, 326, 309); Systematic (402); Ethical-Cultural (220, 340, 401). Appropriate group and independent studies may be substituted for courses in each area.

Minor Requirements
REL 101 or 115, 201 or 202, 220; Religion electives, 9 semester hours (may be chosen from any three upper-level Religion courses).