Adult Studies Tuition

Benchmarked against many of North Carolina’s public institutions such as NC State, NC Wesleyan offers an affordable tuition rate with minimal fees. Students have access to a variety of federal, state and institutional grants.


2022-2023 Academic Year (June – July)

  • $425 per credit hour, $5,100 for a full-time course load of two classes per 8-week session
  • $40 Technology Fee for every 8-week term that you are enrolled
  • $120 Graduation Fee (One-time fee Applied to your account when you apply for graduation)
  • $15 Background Check Fee (One-time fee; Run on all new students and is non-refundable)

Methods of Payment

Courses can be paid by the following: (Cash is not accepted at any NCWU campus)

  • Check (Make checks payable to NCWU or NC Wesleyan)
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)
  • Financial Aid (Paperwork should be completed before you start classes)
  • Employer Vouchers (see ERP section)
  • Veteran’s Benefits

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to students who have been officially accepted as degree-seeking at NCWU. Federal financial aid provides options for student loans and Pell Grants, with eligibility depending on various criteria established by the Federal Government. Submit and file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at least 10-12 weeks before registration. Awards are based on an academic school year (August – April). FAFSA forms are available online at The NCWU school code is 002951. Please have available last year’s tax information when filing online. Contact any APS location for additional information.

Employer Reimbursement Plan (ERP)

Students whose employer reimburses part, or all of their educational tuition costs, are eligible for the Employer Reimbursement Plan (ERP). The student must provide a current tuition reimbursement policy statement from his/her employer, as well as verification of employment. The student signs an agreement with NCWU verifying understanding of the plan and its commitments. A minimum $50 tuition deposit per course will be required at registration, which is applied to the total tuition due for the course. Any non-reimbursable portion of tuition must also be paid at registration. The remaining tuition is deferred and is payable 30 days after the completion of each course. NCWU is willing to establish a direct billing program with employers who offer tuition benefits. Students whose employers are willing to participate in this program should contact the Business Office for more information.

Veteran’s Benefits

Veteran’s benefits may be used to meet the tuition costs. To learn more about our Veterans Benefits and Admission, visit our Veterans Benefits section. Interested students attending NC Wesleyan should contact Laura Estes Brown at

Financial Aid & Scholarships for Adult Students

Federal Pell Grant Amounts determined by FAFSA application
NC Need-Based
$2,200 (Amount changes yearly and is based on student enrollment. The amount is determined by FAFSA and NC Residency applications)
Public Service Scholarship Equivalent to 10% of tuition. Includes active and veteran police officers, firefighters/EMS employees and their spouses.
Department of Public Safety (DPS) Employees Equivalent to 22% of tuition. Must provide proof of employment.
Military Scholarship Equivalent to 10% of tuition. Dependent on the number of credits. Includes all active duty, veterans and spouses for all branches of the military, including the National Guard and Coast Guard. Must submit DD-214 or military ID.
Phi Theta Kappa $500 grant each year. (If you were inducted into the society at the community college you graduated from, you are entitled to a $500 grant each year of your attendance at North Carolina Wesleyan University. You must inform and provide proof to your financial aid counselor.  $250 will be applied in late fall and late spring of each year and applies for students completing a minimum of 12 semester hours each semester. You must be enrolled full-time.)
United Methodist Award Equivalent to 20% of tuition. Must be a member of a Methodist Church and your pastor provides a letter to that fact. This applies to spring and fall only for students completing a minimum of 12 semester hours each semester.
2+ Wesleyan Scholarship $1,400 each year (Available for graduates of select Community Colleges. Must have an associate degree with an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher. This applies to spring and fall only for students completing a minimum of 12 semester hours each semester.)
Alumni Award 50% of tuition. For NCWU alumni that return for a second bachelor’s degree. Discount does not apply for certificates or graduate school.
Central Carolina CC Scholarship $12% each year (Available only for graduates of Central Carolina Community College. Must have an associate degree with an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher.)

*NOTE: Students are considered full-time by taking two classes every 8-weeks