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Build Your Professional Value Today With One of NC Wesleyan College’s Master Degrees

Master of Business Administration

North Carolina Wesleyan College has officially been fully approved by the regional accreditor to offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

The MBA program is 100% online and consists of 33 credit hours to accommodate those seeking work or who are already working. The one-year program consists of five eight-week sessions, two classes per session and ends with a final capstone course. Like other academic programs offered by the college including their Adult Studies programs, the degree offers rolling admission, meaning those attending can start the program throughout the year at the beginning of any new eight-week session.

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Master of Science in Criminal Justice

A Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) at NCWC educates new practitioners and provides professional education necessary for those seeking career advancement. The degree is designed with concentrations in both criminal justice practice and criminal justice administration. The practice area focuses on understanding specific methods, techniques, and skills utilized in the criminal and juvenile justice systems when interacting with victims, offenders, and other professionals. The administrative area emphasizes the formulation and implementation of policies, laws, and management issues such as decision making, fiscal responsibility, program evaluation and performance evaluation. The MSCJ degree is a pivotal link in the region, as currently no other private higher education non-profit school offers an online MSCJ degree.