Entrepreneurship Minor

Gain the versatility of an entrepreneurship program and pursue diverse opportunities that align with their interests and goals.

What You’ll study

The entrepreneurship minor at NCWU is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to navigate the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. The curriculum encompasses a blend of theoretical foundations and practical applications, enabling students to understand the various aspects of starting, managing, and scaling a business venture. Courses within the curriculum cover a wide range of topics, including project management, small business management, business planning, consulting, and human resources strategy.

Through a combination of classroom learning, experiential projects, and engagement with the entrepreneurial community, students gain a holistic understanding of entrepreneurship and develop the skills necessary to thrive in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Faculty & Staff

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Entrepreneurship Minor Overview

One of the key strengths of the entrepreneurship curriculum is its emphasis on experiential learning. Additionally, the curriculum often incorporates networking events, mentorship programs, and access to entrepreneurial resources, enabling students to build valuable connections within the NCWU community. By immersing students in a supportive and collaborative environment, the entrepreneurship curriculum sets the stage for future entrepreneurial success and empowers students to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations with confidence.

What are the courses like in Entrepreneurship Minor at NCWU?

Check out our latest university catalog for learning goals, course descriptions and suggested plans of study for NC Wesleyan University’s Entrepreneurship Minor.

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How does this degree prepare students for a career?

Taking entrepreneurship as a minor at NCWU can provide several benefits. Graduates from this NCWU program would learn how to be responsible participants in their communities and be prepared for a society that requires life-long learning.

Here are some of the advantages of pursuing entrepreneurship as a minor:

  1. Acquisition of entrepreneurial skills: Entrepreneurship programs typically offer a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on developing key entrepreneurial skills.
  2. Broad business knowledge: Entrepreneurship minors often cover various aspects of business, including marketing, finance, management, and operations.
  3. Networking opportunities: University entrepreneurship programs often foster a vibrant ecosystem that connects students with like-minded individuals, including fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry professionals.
  4. Exposure to real-world experiences: Many entrepreneurship programs emphasize experiential learning, such as internships, startup competitions, and consulting projects.
  5. Access to resources and support: Universities with entrepreneurship programs often provide access to a range of resources and support services for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  6. Versatility and transferability: Entrepreneurial skills are highly transferable and can be beneficial in various professional settings.
  7. Personal growth and self-confidence: The entrepreneurship journey requires individuals to take risks, embrace failures as learning opportunities, and develop resilience.

Entrepreneurship Career Paths:

Completing an entrepreneurship minor opens up a variety of career paths and opportunities. Here are some common career paths for individuals with an entrepreneurship background:

  • Entrepreneur/Startup FounderBusiness Consultant
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Venture Capitalist/Investor
  • Social Entrepreneurship/Impact Investing
  • Product Manager
  • Sales and Business Development

Wondering what you can do with a degree from NCWU? Check out these resources from NCWU Career Development & Leadership and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET).

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