Overview & Academics

The History major provides students with an understanding of the breadth and depth of the human past while simultaneously learning the methods of historical analysis that are central to critical thinking. In addition to learning about important events, people, and cultures, history majors learn about causation, textual interpretation, and comparative analysis. History majors also gain a familiarity with the diversity of world cultures and learn to look at social problems in a global perspective.

Career Options

  • History majors can pursue careers in teaching at various levels. (See NCWC Catalog portion on Teacher Education for addition requirements for teaching licensure)
  • Museum work – curating, archiving, restoration.
  • Graduate study in History and social science or humanities fields.
  • The reading and writing intensity of the history major is excellent preparation for the study of law.

Major Requirements
Minimum of 30 semester hours including HIS 300, 427 and 24 elective semester hours in history.
Minimum of six semester hours in US History Tier: HIS 111, 112, 301, 309, 314, 318, 321, 370, 401 and 410.
Minimum of six semester hours in Global History Tier: HIS 125, 225, 303, 315, 319, 325, 326, 350, 360, and 405.

Minor Requirements
18 hours in HIS courses with a maximum of 6 lower-level courses.

History Faculty

Dr. Jonathan Sarris
Associate Professor of History
History Program Coordinator
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Dr. Chad Ross
Assistant Professor of History
Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia