Organizational Leadership

Overview & Academics

A Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Organizational Leadership provides students with the educational background necessary to succeed in a broad spectrum of professions and is an excellent foundation for the pursuit of several advanced degree programs. This is an interdisciplinary degree that exposes students to the business, social science and humanities concepts that will provide a solid foundation in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, writing and communication. Organizations are looking for leaders that understand work behavior, interpersonal and group dynamics as well as how to solve problems for growth and success.

This multidisciplinary business and behavioral science program focuses on practical and theoretical aspects of the various components related to the administration and management of healthcare/sports/fitness/wellness personnel, facilities, programs and businesses.

Sports Administration Concentration

Career Options in Sports Administration:

  • Event Management
  • Sports Organization Director
  • Athletic Facility Manager

Major Requirements

Organizational Leadership – Sports Administration Concentration
Core requirements:
ADM 481
BUS 206, 207, 308, 314, 319
MAT 213
Concentration requirements:
ADM 205, 315, 335, 345 and 421

Minor in Sports Administration

ADM 205, 315, 335, 345
6 semester hours from:
ADM 355, 415, 421
ENG 320

Minor in Leadership

ADM 305, 307, 308, 400, 405 
BUS 206, 308       

Healthcare Administration Concentration

Career Options in Healthcare Administration:

  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Retail
  • General Management
  • Management and Leadership Rotational Career Programs

Major Requirements

Organizational Leadership – Healthcare Administration Concentration
Core requirements:
BUS 206, 207, 308, 314, 319
MAT 213
Concentration requirements:
HCA 200, 205, 300, 482
HLP 320

Organizational Leadership Faculty

Katrina L. Sweet, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Organizational Leadership Program Coordinator
Ph.D., Capella University