Overview & Academics

Law schools do not require a specific major for admission. Information about admission to law schools is available from the websites of individual schools and from the website of the Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law schools at Students interested in applying for law school should consider taking any major in which they have a personal interest and which helps develop their writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. The Pre-Law faculty advisor can help you with mapping out a program of studies that will help you prepare for law school.

The American Bar Association believes that the best preparation for law school is to take challenging courses in a variety of disciplines. Taking courses marked as Writing Intensive (WI) is good preparation for law school. Courses that can help students develop their writing, speaking and critical thinking skills include:

Business Division

ACC 200 Fundamentals of Accounting

BUS 207 The Legal Environment

ECO 201 Principles of Economics I (Macro Economics)

ECO 202 Principles of Economics II (Micro Economics)

Education & Social Sciences Division

HIS 111 The United States to 1865

HIS 112 The United States Since 1865

JUS/POL 410 Constitutional Law

JUS 293 Criminal Law

JUS 310 Reporting for Criminal Justice Professionals

POL 112 American Political System

POL 310 Political Economy

POL 400 American Political Thought

POL 401 Ideals and Ideology

PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology

SOC 400 Sociology of the Workplace

SOC 460 Deviant Behavior and Social Control

Humanities Division

ENG 130 Fundamentals of Communication

ENG 302 Advanced Composition

ENT 140 Oral Communication Methods

PHI 202 Ethics