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Curriculum and Courses

The online RN to BSN program at NC Wesleyan University is designed to help registered nurses achieve the education necessary to broaden their skill set and advance their careers in nursing. This curriculum integrates new and innovative knowledge into daily nursing practices and includes 34 credit hours.

RN to BSN Student Handbook

The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at North Carolina Wesleyan University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

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Semester 1

NUR-301: Principles of Health Education 3
NUR-310: Introduction to Public Health 3

NUR-304: Epidemiology for Healthcare


NUR-300: Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare


Semester Hours: 

12 Credits

Semester 2


NUR-330: Promoting Quality, Safety & Cultural Awareness in Healthcare (WI)


NUR-335: Healthcare Policy and Information Management


NUR-345: Transition to Professional Baccalaureate Nursing


NUR-350: Nursing Leadership, Management and Finance


Semester Hours: 

12 Credits

Semester 3


NUR-410: BSN Professional Nursing Capstone (WI)


NUR-400: Professional Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice (WI)


NUR-410: BSN Professional Nursing Capstone (continued)


Semester Hours:  

10 Credits

Total Program Credit Hours: 120
(Includes transfer credits, electives, general education and nursing core credits)


  • General education courses can be taken before or during the major coursework but must be completed prior to NUR 330 and NUR 335. All electives must be completed prior to NUR 410.
  • Students can transfer up to 90 credits from a four-year institution and up to 86 credits from an ADN. Transfer students may need additional general education and/or elective hours to fulfill degree requirements. The total hours needed and specific coursework will depend on individual transcript analysis.

*NUR-410 is a 16-week, 6 credit course that is taken over the course of both sessions A & B.

Course Descriptions

NUR 300 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare

Prerequisite: HCA 200 or Admission to the RN to BSN Program 

This course presents an overview of legal and ethical issues facing managers and providers in health care. It provides students with a foundation of health law and ethics and reviews a wide variety of health care legal and ethical situations and dilemmas. The goals are to provide students with practical knowledge of health laws and ethics and their application in the real world of health care. (Identical to HCA 300, excluding pre-requisite of HCA 200) 

NUR 301 Principles of Health Education

This course is designed to introduce the discipline and profession of health education. This course will examine the philosophical, ethical and theoretical foundations of the professional practice of health education in school, community, work site and hospital settings, as well as in health promotion settings. In addition, students will examine the concepts of health and wellness, the determinants of health behavior, national health status, the history of health education and health promotion. (Identical to HLP 301) 

NUR 304 Epidemiology for Healthcare Providers

This course will introduce the concepts, methods, and techniques of epidemiology as they apply to healthcare settings. Students will learn how to use the tools of epidemiology for the purposes of planning, monitoring, and evaluating population health. In addition, students will gain an understanding of the behavioral and socioeconomic factors of population health, as well as how those factors are associated with healthcare organizations, clinical practice improvement, economic analysis, and decision making. (Identical to HLP 304) 

NUR 310 Introduction to Public Health

This course is designed to introduce the basic tenets, applications, and foci of public health, including integrating public health with other health professions. It will provide a history of public health, an overview of the core disciplines, current events and issues in the field. (Identical to HLP 310) 

NUR 330 Promoting Quality, Safety and Cultural Awareness in Healthcare

Pre-requisites: NUR 300, NUR 301, NUR 304, NUR 310 

This course will utilize a project management focus to provide nursing students an opportunity to synthesize and apply new knowledge related to culturally sensitive patient centered care, teamwork and collaboration, communication, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety and cultural awareness in a professional leadership role. (writing intensive) 

NUR 335 Health Care Policy and Information Management

Pre-requisites: NUR 300, NUR 301, NUR 304, NUR 310 

This course will allow nursing students an opportunity to explore, synthesize and apply new knowledge related to the formulation of healthcare policy. Examines and investigates the process of policy development and discusses the roles played by various members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team in the selection and assessment of policy placement. The course will prepare the nursing student to analyze policy development and engage in politically competent care. This course will also provide an introduction to nursing informatics as an integration of nursing, technology and information management in support of advancing nursing practice and improving patient outcomes. It will build upon existing knowledge regarding computer and information science to facilitate effective utilization of technology and its applications throughout the healthcare delivery spectrum.

NUR 345 Transition to Professional Baccalaureate Nursing Practice

Pre-requisites: NUR 330 

The course focuses on nursing practice competencies, nursing conceptual models, professional accountability, group dynamics and critical thinking. Students will examine issues of professional nursing practice and explore the roles of the baccalaureate nurse in maintaining and managing safe, high quality patient.

NUR 350 Nursing Leadership, Management and Finance

Pre-requisites: NUR 330 

This course will investigate and focus on elements of nursing leadership within the context of the healthcare delivery system and its impact on influencing a collaborative approach in management and exploring fiscal responsibility. 

NUR 400 Professional Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice

Pre-requisites: NUR 350 

Introduction to the methods and principles of professional nursing research and the dissemination and translation of evidence-based research into clinical practice. (writing intensive).

NUR 410 BSN Professional Capstone

Pre-requisites: NUR 350 

The capstone course is a synopsis and synthesis course that brings forward learning concepts and experiences together. (writing intensive) 

*NUR major courses start in January, May and August. Students can also begin with general education and/or elective requirements in March, June and October.

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