Special Education

Overview & Academics

The SPECIAL EDUCATION Program focuses on the design and provision of teaching and other educational services to children or adults with special learning needs or disabilities. Students are prepared to function as special education teachers. Includes instruction in diagnosing learning disabilities, developing individual education plans, teaching and supervising special education students, special education counseling, and applicable laws and policies. Students may choose to double major in both Elementary Education and Special Education.

Major Requirements

Core requirements:

  • Information Systems Concepts
  • Fundamentals of Communication
  • The United States to 1865
  • Survey of Mathematics
  • Psychological Development in Childhood

Major requirements:

  • Educational Theory and Practice
  • Introduction to Teaching
  • PRAXIS Core Academic Lab for Instructors
  • Books for Children, K-6
  • Elementary Methods for Integrating Arts*
  • Laboratory Methods in Science for the Elementary School Teacher*
  • Technology in Education*
  • Reading, K-6*
  • Language Arts, K-6*
  • Curriculum in Elementary Education*
  • Elementary Methods and Materials in the Social Studies
  • Education Foundations and Diversity*
  • Teacher Education Licensure Test Preparation Lab*
  • Practicum in School Settings*
  • Classroom Management & Collaborative Leadership Seminar*
  • Teaching Math in Elementary School*
  • Introduction to Special Education
  • Research Based Learning Strategies for Exceptional Children*
  • Research Based Learning Strategies for Math, Reading and Writing*
  • Assessment & Program Development in Special Education*
  • Applied Behavior Analysis and Intervention*
  • Seminar in Special Education*
  • Directed Teaching: Special Education*

Admission Criteria:

  1. Pass the Praxis Core tests (reading, writing, math) as required by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Students who have earned a total score of 1170 on the SAT (reading and math) or 24 on the ACT (reading and math) are exempt from Praxis Core testing requirements. Students who have at least 570 on the SAT Math or 600 on the SAT Reading sections may be exempt from part of Praxis Core.
  2. Achieve an overall GPA of 3.0 on all previous course work completed at North Carolina Wesleyan University.
  3. Have a successful interview with a subcommittee of the Teacher Education Council.
  4. Provide two positive recommendations from faculty and submit required admission paperwork.

Career Options

Special Education Teacher

Minor Requirements

No Minor Offered

Teacher Education Faculty

Dr. Kelvin Spragley
Associate Professor of Education & Director of Teacher Education/Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion Programming
Ph.D., North Carolina State University 

Dr. Patricia Brewer
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Special Education

Dr. Lois Hart
Associate Professor of Education
Coordinator of Field Assignments