Taylor-Crocker Honors Program

North Carolina Wesleyan College offers a select group of students the opportunity to complement their degree program with a series of challenging and rewarding courses. Freshmen enrolled in the Taylor-Crocker Honors Program take special freshman courses in English and Humanities. Honors Program students then take one honors course each semester during their sophomore and junior years. As seniors, students complete an honors project in some area of interest.

The Honors Program offers students the opportunity to develop a close community of learning and to take courses from some of the best faculty members at the College. Being in the Honors Program does not add to a student’s course load, but it does add variety and depth to her or his college experience. Transcripts of honors graduates include recognition that they completed the Honors Program.

Students take unique courses with other students who are academically motivated and study with outstanding professors. Participation in the program shows that students take a special interest in their education and will receive special recognition and treatment from the College. Future employers and graduate schools will notice this on the student’s transcript.

The program involves a sequence of courses.  For answers to questions about this program or to request an application, please contact the Honors Program Director, Dr. Bill Yankosky: byankosky@ncwc.edu.

microscope in lab
The Honors program has meant a lot to me.  It has allowed me to become more well-rounded in my knowledge by taking classes I never would have taken for my majors. My leadership skills have increased dramatically and I have been able to get to know more students from being the first president of the Honors Club.  Also, my senior honors project has helped prepare me for when and if I decide to go to graduate school. Without the Honors Program, I don’t believe I would be where I am today. This program, if anything, has enhanced my character as a whole.


Tiara Joyner, Honors Program Graduate and Justice Studies & Psychology Double Major


I was told by Penn State that the reason I was accepted into their graduate program was actually because I had participated in NCWC’s Honors Program.


Mikey Case, Honors Program Graduate and Mathematics & Psychology Double Major