How Does The College Recognize Honors Students?

Students who participate in the Taylor-Crocker Honors Program show that they take a special interest in their education and receive special recognition and treatment from the College. Besides challenging, enriching instruction, the Honors Program provides its students with increased opportunities to meet visiting scholars, civic leaders, and performing artists; travel to museums, the theater, and sites of cultural, historical, or scientific importance; and attend or present at conferences.   Students have to opportunity to participate in the Dr. James Durant Melton Outdoor Leadership Awards Program,  a customized, five-day outdoor leadership program of the North Carolina Outward Bound School in Linville Gorge in the North Carolina mountains. Honors Program students may gather for study or conversation in the Honors Lounge.  There is also a student organization on campus, the Student League of Academic Prestige (S.L.A.P.) comprised of the Honors Program students.

Every honors course students take is marked as such on their transcript. Students who complete the entire program receive special recognition on their degree, at graduation, and on their transcript. Graduates of the Program receive a special blue and gold cord to wear at graduation. Students enrolled in the Program also receive a special scholarship starting at $500 each semester and increasing over their time in the Program.