How Does The Honors Project Work?

During the senior year, Honors Program students design and complete a supervised, interdisciplinary project consisting of a written and oral component. The project gives honors students the unique opportunity to work on an individual basis with a faculty member. A variety of honors projects have been completed over the years and some have even led to publications in academic journals.  Several students have presented work related to their honors projects at professional conferences.

Some Honors Projects and the students who completed them during the past several years include:

  • The Religious Duplicity of American Politics – Stephen Bardswick
  • Are Lectures Still an Effective Learning Method – Tyler Biehl
  • The Failure of the Multi-Voiced Narrative: Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible – Emily Bower
  • Bouncing Back: Situational Versus Trait Resilience – Megan Brabble
  • Estimation of Pre-practice Hydration Status of National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III Athletes and the Effects of Hydration Regimen on Hydration Status and Aerobic Performance – Rebekah Cain
  • The Cosmic Wimpout Dice Game:  Probabilities and a Markov Chain Model – Elizabeth Cobb
  • From Distressed Damsel to Capable Heroine: A Survey of the Evolution of Fairy Tales and Their Portrayal of Women – Katie Crickmore
  • Sex and God:  A Study of How Religion Affects College Students’ Sexual Decisions – Julianne Cyr
  • The Extrovert Ideal: Perceptions of Introverted and Extroverted Leaders in Business and Social Settings – Steven Franklin
  • Does Incorporating Music and Dance into an Exercise Routine Improve Enjoyment/Mood? – Cassie Goodenough
  • The Business of NASCAR – Emily Harrell
  • Sex Positivity and Sexting – Trevour Huber
  • The Relationship Between Ego Identity and Ethnic Identity in a Diverse College Sample – Denya Isabelle
  • Speech Language Impairments and Correlates of Linguistic Insecurity – Taylor Jackson
  • A C++ Simulation of Simplified Data Encryption Standard – Bishal Karanjit
  • The Relationship Between Positivity, Self-Efficacy, and Injuries Sustained by Division III Men and Women Athletes –Chelsea Laurens
  • Perceptions of Male Job Applicants: Effect of Body Type – Sarah Livesay
  • The Effects of Ibuprofen on the Development of Japanese Medaka – Temple Mills
  • The Spontaneous Choice of Attractiveness: Evolutionary Strategies and Environmental Influence – David Paffen
  • Soccer & Finance:  An Anaylis of Modern Football – Sabina Paudel
  • The Relationship between Internet Usage and Social Involvement – Dillon Richardson
  • Simulating the Japanese Navy’s World War II Cipher Machine, “Purple” – Zach Seitter
  • Thompson’s Vending  “Improving Life One Machine At A Time” – Wesley Thompson
  • Be Prepared: Personal Finance Trends in Young Adults – Kathy Tolbert
  • The Transmission of Political Ideological Beliefs: A Look into the Political Influence a Parent has on their Child –Shalonda Wilburn
  • Lead-Based Paint: Should We Be Worried at NCWC? – John Williamson
  • Androgyny and Positivity in Romantic Relationships – Megan Zimmerman


“ It was my pleasure and privilege to work with Mikey Case on her honors thesis. It was especially rewarding for me to see her grow as a scholar and researcher. She is one of the most intelligent and hard-working students I’ve encountered at NCWC, and the research she did for her honors thesis was on the graduate level. As a result of this kind of work, Mikey ended up being accepted at three different graduate programs in psychology. “ – Fred Sanborn, Associate Professor of Psychology.