How Does The Program Work?

The Program consists of a sequence of courses specially designed for honors students which are taught by outstanding professors. Individuals in the Program take unique courses with other academically talented and motivated students and have the opportunity to take Honors Option courses that provide greater depth of study of a course in the regular curriculum.

1. First year honors students enroll in special Honors sections of English in the Fall and Humanities in the Spring which carry a total of 6 semester hours (s.h.) of credit. Transfer students or students entering the program late can waive these courses.

2. During their sophomore and junior years, honors students complete a total of 12 s.h. of honors courses, typically by enrolling in one 3 s.h. honors course each semester. A variety of honors courses are offered every semester and may come from areas in any of the College’s four schools:

  • Business
  • Education and Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics/Science

Professors usually design these unique courses for the students in the Program. Some of the courses can be used to satisfy general education requirements.

3. During the senior year, Honors Program students design and complete a supervised, interdisciplinary project consisting of a written and oral component which receives 6 s.h. of credit.

I really enjoy that you have unique classes every semester with the same family of students and that classes reflect real-world concepts. Being in honors classes is a unique experience compared to other classes.


Kathleen Penrod, Honors Program Graduate and Environmental Science Major