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About the Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at North Carolina Wesleyan College encourages and advocates teaching excellence.  TLC seeks to accomplish this by aiding faculty in the use of innovative teaching strategies, providing forums that foster the discussion of college teaching best practices, and supporting faculty in research and other scholarship endeavors that involve students.

The Teaching and Learning Center Objectives

  • Coordinates instructional workshops and lectures for faculty that feature evidence-based teaching and learning scholarship.
  • Provides a resource center on campus that includes a lending library, technology library, and instructional technology support.
  • Maintains a resource-based website designed for NCWC faculty.
  • Aids faculty in designing class content consistent with intended student outcomes.

In keeping with its mission to encourage and advocate teaching excellence, the Teaching and Learning Center at North Carolina Wesleyan College awards an annual TLC Travel Award each academic year.  The award is announced to the faculty by the TLC staff in the fall semester.


  • The award is in the amount of up to $1,500 and supports travel to a conference or conferences relating to college teaching. The conference(s) may be on wide-ranging college teaching practices or on teaching specific to a particular discipline.  Although attendance at teaching conferences is preferred, the award may also fund attendance at discipline-specific conferences provided the applicant documents how specific workshops or events address pedagogy and how the applicant’s teaching may be influenced.  The award may be spent from the time it is awarded until May 15 of the following year.
  • The recipient must be a full-time faculty member.
  • Proposals for the TLC Travel Award must be submitted to the TLC director no later than the last Monday in January. After proposals have been reviewed, the recipient of the TLC Travel Award will be announced at the March faculty meeting.
  • Proposals should include:
    • A copy of the applicant’s current curriculum vita
    • A description of the conference(s) that the applicant would like to attend. This description should include supporting materials such an electronic link to the conference website
    • A statement describing why the applicant would like to attend the conference(s) and what he/she hopes to learn
    • A statement of how the applicant could apply the information learned at the conference(s) to his/her own teaching
    • A statement (including an itemized listing) of the estimated costs associated with attending the conference(s)
    • A statement indicating how the applicant plans to share the information learned at the conference(s) with the NCWC community. This could include a presentation at a division meeting, a Fourth Monday colloquium, or a scheduled presentation conducted in cooperation with the TLC.
  • The TLC Travel Award decision committee consists of those in the following roles at the time of the submission deadline: TLC director, TLC assistant director, Professional Development Committee chair, latest Exemplary Teacher award recipient, latest Jefferson Pilot award recipient
    • If one person currently fills one or more of the above roles, he/she will only be given one “vote” in the decision process
    • If a TLC Travel Award applicant currently fills one of the above roles, he/she will be excluded from the decision process
    • In the event of a tie vote among the decision committee, the Provost will break the tie

Take the TLC Survey. Get Your Certificate.

The NC Wesleyan Teaching and Learning Center offers an option for receiving an electronic certificate of completion for our professional development events. The certificate is linked to the TLC Participant Evaluation and Feedback Survey.

If you would like the certificate, simply answer “yes” to the first question on the survey. The certificate will be automatically sent to the email address that you enter.

Teaching and Learning Center Staff

Heather Louch, Ph.D.
Director, TLC
Office Location: GSC 112

Doreen Thierauf, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, TLC
Office Location: PCB 173

Ayra Sundbom, MSID
Instructional Technologist
Office Location: PCB 187

The Learning Center Advisory Committee

Mr. Chip Larkin

Dr. Bennie Felts

Dr. Shannon Crowley

Dr. Andrew Stern

Dr. Molly Wyatt