No matter where you are in life, NC Wesleyan’s 33 undergraduate, 33 minor and 2 graduate programs provide opportunities and hands-on experiences to help you achieve your best.

Welcome Future Battling Bishops

Welcome from the Counselors and staff of NCWU Admissions and thank you for your interest in our University.  NCWU is an undergraduate and graduate degree-offering institution with a dedicated compliment of Admissions Counselors and staff.  Our staff is committed to providing you with the information and processes necessary to become the next member of the Battling Bishop family.

NC Wesleyan has a lot to offer, from academic degrees, NCAA sports, and student clubs to career development.  Much of this information can be found on this webpage; however, we encourage you to contact one of our counselors for a personal introduction and tour of all that NCWU has to offer.

About NCWU

North Carolina Wesleyan University, founded in 1956, is a private co-educational liberal arts college, affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Wesleyan offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and prepares students for professional advancement, lifelong learning and responsible participation in their communities. NCWU invites applications for admissions from students whose personal and academic record reveals intellectual ability and educational achievement.

The University considers applications under the rolling admissions system; therefore, applications are reviewed when all information has been received. Admission is granted to qualified applicants without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or national or ethnic origin. To promote the exchange of ideas and values, the University seeks a diverse student body, admitting students of different backgrounds, interests and talents.

My Wesleyan Experience

When I chose Wesleyan, I never thought that it would impact my life so much. Faculty and staff were always there when I needed it, and I knew I could count on their help. I truly felt like I had a family there, which was really important for me to have because I was so far away from home. The different organizations, that I was part of, truly helped me for my professional career. Being part of the board for Impact and IBA, as well as helping the BGA with some marketing gave me experiences that I added on my resume and I actually use these experiences in my current job. The professors were a huge help. They were always willing to answer my questions in depth and to give additional materials to help me with my understanding. They gave me confidence in myself and I was taught that curiosity and tenacity is the key to succeed. I don’t regret choosing this college; I would never be the person I am now without the years spent there.Chloé Delmas

Becoming a Bishop.

NC Wesleyan seeks students with a commitment to learning, creativity, strong academic potential, intellectual curiosity, and a desire to contribute to a community based on our main Core Values.  Admission to Wesleyan is based on academic record, including courses taken, grades earned, and class standing, followed by SAT or ACT test scores.  Achievement in extracurricular activities, community participation, and a motivation to get involved and contribute to the Wesleyan campus community are also taken into consideration.

At North Carolina Wesleyan University, we deliver education that is personal, practical and purpose-driven.

Explore NC Wesleyan.

Discover what it’s like to study and live here. Schedule a student-led tour of our main Rocky Mount campus and experience for yourself the family atmosphere at NC Wesleyan. You can check out our Campus Map at any time.


Want to know more about our NCWU and our demographic?
Check out our Fast Facts document that shows recent statistics on academics, diversity, enrollment, athletics and more.

We offer a Repayment Initiative for Student Education (R.I.S.E.) Program

NC Wesleyan’s Repayment Initiative for Student Education Program (R.I.S.E.) is our innovative promise to students: if your income after graduation is less than $50,000, we can help you repay your federal student, parent PLUS and private alternative loans after graduation.

Connect with Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Our admission counselors will assist you each step of the way. Welcome to Wesleyan… your academic and personal journey begins here!

NC Wesleyan Admissions Contact

NC Wesleyan University
3400 N Wesleyan Blvd
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

More Information

SAT/ACT Waived for Incoming Freshmen.

NCWU is TEST BLIND for the 2023-2024 academic year – meaning, we are not requiring students to submit an ACT and/or SAT test score for admission. We will just need your application and high school transcript, simple as that! If you have not already applied, submit your application today! Contact admissions at for more details.