Connect with International Student Services

We hope you will join us at North Carolina Wesleyan University for a true American college experience!


International students desire to ENGAGE in cross-cultural exchanges with Americans, EXPERIENCE and SERVE our college and community, and BROADEN our relationships with businesses, schools, clubs and volunteers.

Worldwide Welcome

During WES WAY DAYS at the new student orientation, new international Bishops develop relationships with domestic Bishops and also have their very own orientation. This includes information on F-1 status and regulations/policies, ways to become a successful Bishop, engaging with their Worldwide Welcome Team Leaders, begin building relationships and meet the International Student Services Team.

Getting Connected On Campus

Welcome Home, Welcome BACK!

Welcome Back! This is a special time at the beginning of the semester when all of the returning international Bishops can be together again, have fun, enjoy food, each other and our GO Group of volunteers.


A fun, fast-paced event at the beginning of the semester for the new internationals to meet international upper-classmen students and all share information about themselves and NCWU.  Everyone leaves with many new friends!

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Summer Send Off

Say goodbye for the summer at this event with Go Group volunteers and other international Bishops. Food, fun and family!

International Advising

Internationals have the opportunity to attend F-1 Advising meetings and these are ongoing throughout the semester. Learn about CPT, OPT, status information and how to stay connected to the NCWU Bishop family.

Mid-term Mixer

Need a break in the middle of the semester? Join us for a relaxing night of food, friends and fun!

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Senior Celebration

What an accomplishment! These students have moved a world away and found another home at NCWU. This senior celebration is a night that honors them and the goals they have achieved and the family they have become to one another.

International students

Fall/Spring Break Activities

Local activities are provided for internationals who remain on campus during these breaks.

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NCWU’s very own international festival.  International students highlight their countries and cultures with a parade of flags, fashion show, and talent show.  Guests can also “taste the nations” at country display tables.  This night of culture and diversity is open to the community.

Language Learning Group Game Nights

Getting together with American Bishops and playing games, is a fun way to practice and be intentional about learning and speaking English!


Worldwide Welcome Team Leaders

These students have applied and been chosen to represent their international family to the new students arriving. They start making connections with the new students 6 weeks before they arrive by communicating with them concerning any questions they may have. If new students GET CONNECTED and STAY INFORMED, they will be SUCCESSFUL. These team leaders assist them in that process from the beginning.

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International Bishops Association-(IBA)

The International Bishop Association (IBA) of NCWU seeks to:

  • Increase the knowledge and awareness of students in the area of cultural and international affairs.
  • To promote relationships between international and domestic Bishops.
  • Provide cross-cultural exchange with the NCWU campus and the Rocky Mount area.
  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in cultural and social activities.
  • Give back to our college and community through service opportunities.
  • Utilize international students as cultural consultants by partnering with local schools/agencies.

In pursuit of these goals, IBA will engage in hosting social events, host campus speakers, etc. visit sites of cultural and international significance and give back to our Bishop and surrounding community.

International Education Month

November is a time for us to recognize our college’s global connections and celebrate the importance and benefits of international education in the U.S. and around the world.  International Education Week/Month is a joint initiative between the U. S. Department of Education and the U. S. Department of State.  As we highlight this each year, this awareness pays homage to our valued internationals including all International Bishops (students, staff, faculty) and the global opportunities offered across our campus.

Get Connected in the Community

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Global Outreach (“GO Group”) Connections

Our community of volunteers from surrounding churches, businesses, families, schools and organizations.  The GO Group shows support to our internationals through various activities throughout the semester.

International students


Service opportunities in the community.

International students

Breaking Bread

Students spend an evening and enjoy a meal with a Go Group community member to learn more about each culture and begin building relations.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about admission requirements, financial aid, FASFA Code, campus life and the Rocky Mount region…it’s all here.