Raleigh-Durham Adult Degree

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Majors Offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting (Major offered online)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the option to add a concentration in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (Major Offered online)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (Major Offered online)
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing (Major Offered online)
  • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
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How To Apply

  1. Apply at no cost to you online here.  Make sure you choose the location and degree program you are interested in as well as provide your complete contact information.
  2. Have all of your college transcripts mailed directly to the location you would like to attend.  Each school you attended will have their own transcript request form that you should be able to locate on their website.
  3. If you have at least 12 hours of college credit, you do not need to request your high school transcript.
  4. Fill out your Free Federal Application for Financial Aid at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ (FAFSA school code 002951) regardless if you plan to take out loans.  This free application may also help the school to determine other types of grants you may qualify for.  Also complete the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling with FAFSA (studentloans.gov) if you think you may take out federal loans.  These are no cost and do not bind you to taking out loans if you change your mind later.
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Financial Assistance

The Office of Student Financial Services provides financial assistance to students who, without such assistance would not be able to pursue higher education. The office utilizes continued service and technological advances to provide students every opportunity in pursuing and continuing their education while maintaining behaviors and standards of professional conduct.

Course Catalog

Click HERE to review the course catalog and choose from our many options of courses offered.



Thank you for your interest in Wesleyan’s online course offerings. Online classes are offered through the Office of Adult and Professional Studies, which is designed for students who wish to strengthen their academic background, enhance their professional knowledge and skills, and advance their careers.

The entire program is tailored to the learning styles and schedules of working adults. Online courses are part of the Office of Adult and Professional Studies ongoing effort to accommodate the needs of adult students and help them meet their educational and professional goals. Use the links located in the menu on the left to get started.



The official source for books for Adult Degree classes in Triangle and Goldsboro is the web-based MBS Direct virtual bookstore.

  • To order books online you will need to know the course department and number and section number. An example is: PHI342-G1. You’ll find this information on your registration slip.
  • You should also know the starting and ending dates, in case the same course is offered in more than one term.
  • Please note that different sections of the same course may use different books!
  • It is possible to see a list of all available courses and sections on the MBS website.
  • If in doubt you may wish to contact the appropriate NCWC office.
  • You will need a major credit card, and MBS requests your email address to send confirmation of your order.



Classes available at Central Carolina Community College

NC Wesleyan College will be offering bachelor degree coursework on the campus of Central Carolina Community College.  Coursework will be offered from the following degrees:



Classes at the North Carolina Department of Public Safety Training Center

NC Wesleyan College will be offering bachleor degrees at the NCDPS Staff Development & Training Center in Apex, NC for NCDPS employees only.  The following degrees will be offered:



Classes at Wake Tech (Main and Western Wake)

NC Wesleyan College will be offering bachelor degree coursework on the Main and Western Wake campuses of Wake Tech.  Coursework will be offered from the following degrees:

Wake Tech Transfer Guide




Professional Development

Most of our professional development courses are 100% online.  Check out course topics below or view our complete list at

• Human Resources
• Management and Leadership
• Customer Service
• Marketing and Social Media
• Sales
• Workforce Compliance
• Teaching and Education
• IT Certifications
• Business
• Seated Professional Development Courses (click to learn more)

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


Contact Dr. Mike Ammons for more information:





What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma principles are used by world-class companies to make processes more efficient and improve the quality of their products and services. Our Lean Six Sigma courses and certifications will take you on the first step in advancing your career as you become an expert in the 21st century’s most critical business methodology.


Lean Six Sigma is a business strategy focusing on breakthrough improvement and reducing variability in a process. In a service or manufacturing environment, a Lean Six Sigma process would be virtually defect free. In one million operations of a process, Six Sigma allows only 3.4 defects. Most companies operate at three sigma, which allows 66,807 defects per million opportunities.


These methodologies enable businesses to compete in today’s marketplace through improved performance in their products and processes and ultimately boost customer satisfaction. Lean Six Sigma provides solutions for breakthrough performance improvement, allowing for significant financial impact and quality gains.


Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are some of the most sought after professionals today. As a Black Belt candidate, you will be trained to identify opportunities for improvement with your company, use Lean Six Sigma methodology and apply the correct tools and techniques to a Lean Six Sigma project. After training, you will have the skills needed to lead Lean Six Sigma projects throughout your organization to achieve significant financial impact and improve customer service.


The North Carolina Wesleyan College’s Lean Six Sigma program offers training and certification for Yellow Belts, Green Belts, and Black Belts through open enrollment courses.


Our instructors are Master Black Belts and are skilled facilitators and project leaders. Our facilitators also serve as project coaches



North Carolina Wesleyan College’s Lean Six Sigma certification program teachs you to use the most advanced process improvement techniques in business, health, manufacturing, and service-related industries to improve, redesign, and implement efficient, customer-focused business processes.


Through face-to-face interactions with qualified and certified Master Black Belt instructors, you will experience a unique learning environment with peers who share a variety of experiences. Our courses offer multiple live simulations and industry related case study examples to provide a practical learning environment.


This course will help you to also..


  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Advance product and service quality
  • Develop better schedules and time lines
  • Reduce waste and costs
  • Increase speed and efficiency




Why get a Six Sigma certification? Beneficial to aspiring professionals in any industry, the Lean Six Sigma programs are designed to help advance your career and are the perfect option if:

  • You want to become certified in Lean Six Sigma, a certification recognized and respected by professional organizations and employers everywhere.
  • You have the approval of your manager or supervisor and want to become instrumental in orchestrating positive change in your workplace.
  • You strive to enhance your work-related skills or improve your chances for corporate advancement.


Lean Six Sigma’s principles-based methods transform how you manage your business and sustain positive change into the future. Its data-based structure drives how management will make reality-based decisions and govern day-to-day employee performance.The methodology requires significant commitment from all levels within an organization, especially at the top.

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