Students and Parents: For questions regarding how to join Army ROTC or Scholarships email Lt. Col James Mercer at or call (252) 985-5340.

JROTC Cadets:  Start with your Cadet Chain of Command or your Senior Army Instructor or Military Science Instructor.

For general Army ROTC questions or to schedule an appointment with the Director of Army ROTC/Professor of Military Science, call Lt. Col James Mercer at (252) 985-5340 or (252) 955-7004.


Additional Scholarship Information HERE!


"We believe strength will lead you to success in leadership." poster with soldiers in uniforms bear-crawling
NCWC Army ROTC "Strength to Believe in!" Poster
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NCWC Army ROTC Eligibility and Benefits poster
Picture of Lieutenant Colonel, James Mercer and short bio plus short article on History of NC Wesleyan College ROTC
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