Career Exploration & Research

The OCDL encourages students to delve into the exciting process of career exploration and planning as they seek to identify how they will apply NCWU’s mission of professional advancement, life-long learning, and responsible community participation in their post-graduate lives. This planning starts from the first day a student speaks to an admissions counselor and continues through First Year Advising, Faculty Advising, and through ongoing consultation with the OCDL.

Students seeking assistance with career planning/decisions are encouraged to use the following resources and also set an appointment with the OCDL by emailing

What Can I Do With This Major?

NCWU subscribes What Can I Do With This Major to assist students who are exploring majors or searching for information about their chosen field. Learn typical career areas and types of employers that hire in these fields, as well as strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.

what can i do with this major

Additional tools for researching careers:

When combining information on each of these sites, students can get a very good idea of the typical activities involved with specific careers, qualifications/skills needed, salary expectations by geographic area, most typical types of employers, job outlook (will there be more or less jobs in this field 10 years from now), and much more.


VitaNavis® is a powerful career planning system that allows NCWU students to research and compare careers of interest. Students are able to review details for each career path in the database; including typical work activities, skills/training requirements, salary and job outlook, etc. All careers even include a brief video overview.

For students who are completely unsure of their career interests (and others would just like to consider additional possibilities), the system’s 5-10 minute SuperStrong® interest assessment can be extremely helpful at recommending career pathways.

Email to request NCWU’s VitaNavis Access Code and get started!

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