Freshman Advantage

What is Freshman Advantage?

Freshman Advantage is a conditional-acceptance program for freshmen who require additional support or whose academic skills need further development. Enrollment in the program depends on several factors, including high school GPA, SAT scores and At-Risk Committee assessment; qualified students are then given the opportunity to attend NC Wesleyan, (NCWC) under the condition that they “actively” participate in the program during their first year of college.

Benefits of Freshman Advantage

  • Selective acceptance into the NCWC family
  • Improved confidence and greater self esteem
  • Students learn to become self- regulated learners
  • One-on-one interaction with Freshman Advisors and Student Success staff
  • Interaction with student cohort, developing strong relationships on campus

To successfully complete Freshman Advantage, students must complete program requirements, designed to:

  • Ease transition to college
  • Introduce academic resources
  • Strengthen their academic skills
  • Promote self-advocacy and self-confidence
  • Provide academic, personal, and professional development opportunities

Freshman Advantage Contact

Ben Lilley

Ben Lilley
Coordinator of Freshman Advantage |  252.985.5123