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Note: Camps and camp dates are subject to change or be canceled due the coronavirus situation. Thank you for understanding.

NC Wesleyan Soccer Camps

Basketball Camps

NC Wesleyan Volleyball Camps

NC Wesleyan Softball Camps

NC Wesleyan Baseball Camps

NC Wesleyan Student Workers Camp

Shelton Challenge

Postpone until Summer 2022

Connect YTI Virtual Summer Experience

July 5-9, 2021

Schedule of All Summer Camps



May 15- Aug 15 NCWC Student Workers
April 10 NCWC Women’s Soccer Prospects Clinic
May 31- June 4 N.C. Wesleyan Basketball Camp #1
June 7-11 N.C. Wesleyan Basketball Camp #2
June 7-9 NC Wesleyan Kids Baseball Camp#1
June 10 Battling Bishops Prospect Camp #1
June 15-19 NC Youth Ministries Camp*
June 20-26 UMC Youth Breakaway*
June 21-24 NCWC Softball Day Camp
June 27- July 3 Tennessee Mission Camp*
July 5-9 Connect YTI Summer Experience
July 12-14 NC Wesleyan Kids Baseball Camp #2
July 12-18 NCWC Soccer Strength & Agility Camps
July 24-30 Athens Drive Band Camp*
July 27-29 NCWC Volleyball Camp
August 3-4 Battling Bishops Prospect Camp #2
August 8 Eastern Carolina Women’s Soccer Prospect Showcase

* Wesleyan non-sponsored summer camp. Use of facilities only.

Interested in having your Summer Camp at Wesleyan?

NC Wesleyan has a long history of hosting many great camps and we would love to help with your camp! For more information, contact our Summer Camp Director.

Kimla Brandt
NCWC Event/Activity Logistical Coordinator
Summer Camp Director

p: 252.985.5348