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Shelton Challenge

Coming Summer 2023

Connect YTI Summer Experience

June 27 – July 1, 2022

Schedule of All 2023 Summer Camps

Feb 25   |  NCWU Women’s Prospect ID Soccer Camp #1

June 5 – 16  |  NCWU Men’s Basketball Day Camp

NCWU Baseball Kids Camp, TBA

June 19 – 23  |  NCWU Girl’s Basketball Day Camp (ages 6-18)

June 21 – 24  |  UPCI Youth Camp*

June 22 – 24  |  UMC Youth Wave*

June 25 – July 1  |  NC Conference of the United Methodist Church Youth Breakaway Week*

NCWU Summer Prospect ID Softball Camp, TBA

NCWU Baseball Prospect Camp, TBA

Connect YTI Summer Experience, TBA

NCWU Softball Kids Day Camp, TBA

July 10 – 14   |  NCWU Youth Soccer Day Camp (ages 6-15)

July 10 – 14  |  NCWU Lil Kix Soccer Day Camp (ages 4-5)

July 12- 16  |  NCWU Speed & Agility Residential Soccer Camp

July 21- 23  |  PHI Theta Kappa

NCWU Volleyball Camp, TBA

July 29 – Aug 4  |  Athens Drive High School Band Camp*

July 29 – Aug 4  |  Northeastern High School Band Camp*

August 6   |  NCWU Women’s Prospect ID Soccer Camp #2

* Wesleyan non-sponsored summer camp. Use of facilities only.

Interested in having your Summer Camp at Wesleyan?

NC Wesleyan has a long history of hosting many great camps and we would love to help with your camp! For more information, contact our Summer Camp Director.

Kimla Brandt
NCWU Event/Activity Logistical Coordinator
Summer Camp Director

p: 252.985.5348