Shelton Leadership Challenge Outcomes

  • Model General Hugh Shelton’s values-based leadership principles and traits inclusive of honesty, integrity, compassion, social responsibility and diversity.

  • Assess baselined leadership skills and preferred practices using Kouzes and Posner’s “Leadership Practices Inventory” and a 360 degree reflective model with the incorporation of assigned leadership roles and responsibilities during the week.

  • Identify important leadership traits and competencies such as interpersonal skills, leadership styles, needs and skills assessment, teamwork, goal orientation, motivating others, personal presence and public speaking, ethical decision making and changing behaviors.

  • Engage in a youth-adult mentoring civic engagement model to enhance appreciation for social responsibility and intergenerational respect.

  • Develop and practice skills related to self and team reflection to better understand deeper meanings while relating current experiences to future applications with the ultimate intent of continuous personal-quality improvement.

  • Prepare a leadership self-development plan for accomplishment of short-term objectives and life-long goals.