Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

NC Wesleyan University is closely monitoring the developing COVID-19 situation. While all campus buildings and venues remain operational, modifications and precautions are being taken to support social distancing.

Q: Are who test positive for COVID-19 sent home or quarantined on campus?

A: Students who have not been vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 will need to leave campus immediately upon receiving a positive test result. Students who are fully vaccinated and boosted and less than 200 miles from campus will need to leave campus immediately to quarantine. Fully vaccinated and boosted students who live farther than 200 miles from campus may be offered a quarantine room at an off-campus hotel if one is available.

Q: How is contact tracing being conducted?

A: Contact tracing is conducted by our Certified Physician Assistant.

Q: Are students who come in close contact with an infected student being notified?

A: Yes. Our PA reaches out to all reported direct contacts.

Q: Are students who were in close contact also required to quarantine as a precaution?

A: At this time, direct contacts are required to wear a mask anytime they are around others and have a test performed on day 5 after exposure, or sooner if they develop symptoms. They are not required to quarantine unless they test positive.

Q: Are classrooms and other public facilities being sanitized regularly?

A: Classrooms are cleaned a minimum of once per day and sometimes twice per day. Also, students are required to wipe down their desks with disinfectant wipes before and after class. The College uses the Clorox Total 360 System, an electrostatic sprayer, to clean classrooms with surfaces being wiped down as well. For extra precaution, all classrooms have air purifiers in them and many classrooms are outfitted with window fans to blow air outside of the classroom.