Barry Drum, Ph.D.
Employment Type FACULTY
Program/Department Religious Studies, School of Humanities

Barry Drum, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Ed.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.Ed, Emmanuel College
M.Div, Duke University
B.S., Emmanuel College
B.A., University of North Carolina


Teaching Philosophy
Although I borrow from a number of sources, my pedagogical philosophy is strongly influenced by the late Dr. Paolo Friere, namely that as a teacher I am not merely an expert lecturer, making “banking” deposits into the accounts of passive students, but a teacher/student who is learning from teacher/students. I learn something new every day in this learning community. Professors who are no longer learning are dead, as are their lectures.


Courses Recently Taught
Most recently I have taught REL 101, 115, 220, and 325; however, I have taught practically every course offered in our department in the past, including many which have been cross-listed as Philosophy courses such as PHI 202, 340, 342, and 401. I have also worked on numerous independent studies.

About Me:

How long have you been at NCWU?
Since 2000

What's your favorite class that you teach?
Introduction to Religion (REL 101)

What are your research & teaching interests?
Church history, particularly Pentecostal history and early Methodist history. I am currently editing my doctoral dissertation, The Wesleyan Way: A Methodist Methodology of Making Disciples, into a book to be published in 2022. I previously served as the Chaplain at NCWC for 18 years, and am a pastor in the North Carolina Annual Conference.

What is a fun fact or an interesting hobby of yours?
I graduated from all four of the ACC's "Big Four" colleges: UNC, Duke, NC State and Wake Forest (Southeastern Baptist Seminary at Wake Forest, located on the original WFU campus)

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