Campus Map & Tour

Interactive Campus Map

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Main Campus
1.  Main Entrance & Historic Wall
2.  Gateway Technology Center
3.  The President’s House
4.  Bellemonte House & Gardens
5.  Arboretum Base
6.  Leon Russell Chapel
7.   Welcome Center
8.  The Dunn Center
9.  Hartness Student Center
10. Physical Plant (Maintenance)
11. Taylor Center/Everett Gym
12. Spruill Building
13. Hardee’s Student Union
14. Gravely Science Building
15. Braswell Administration Building
16. Pearsall Classroom Building
17. Library
18. Gold Frisbee Golf Course
19. Southern Bank Green

Residence Halls
20. Nash Hall
21. Collins Hall
22. Boddie Hall
23.  Jin Hall
24.  Vernon T. Bradley, Jr. Hall
25.  Eli Hall
26.  Edgecombe Hall
27.  Petteway Hall

Athletic Facilities
28. Vernon T. Bradley, Jr. Fieldhouse
29. Scalf Field (Soccer)
30. Edge Field (Softball)
31. Bauer Field (Baseball)
32. Tennis Complex
33. Lacrosse Field
34. Football Practice Field

35. Dunn Center – North
36. Dunn Center – South
37. Ray Bandy Plaza

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Students are also always surprised when they visit our campus for the first time. They don’t expect it to be so big while being so small. Our student guides love to tell the stories about their first visit and how they fell in love at first sight. Many visitors report feeling “at home” the moment they enter the campus.

We provide tours throughout the year and we love to customize the tour to meet your needs. Want to meet the English professor, sit in on a class, or talk with the tennis coach? We can make it happen. Just call 252.985.5200 to schedule your visit or click below to learn more about campus visits.

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