Faculty & Staff Directory

Pernell Ingram

Assistant Football Coach


Achilles, Dr. Wendy

Associate Professor of Accounting


Hill, Crystal

Director of Communications


Tharrington, Emily

Admissions Counselor


LeCompte, Christine

Admissions Counselor


Adelman, Everett

Professor of Art


Alexander, Zach

Assistant Baseball Coach

Allsbrook, Richard C.

Visiting Instructor of Criminal Justice


Ammons, Mike

Director of Raleigh-Durham Adult Studies

Anderson, James

Help Desk Technician

Anderson, Jennifer

Admissions Office Administrator/Campus Visit Coordinator


Financial Aid Advisor


Staff Accountant

Barwick, Tyler

Admissions and Advising Coordinator/Goldsboro Adult Studies

Batchelor, Mildred

Programmer/ Analyst

Battle, Stephanie

Associate Dean of Students for Students Success

Biancur, Beverly

Women's Soccer Coach

Blake, Aeon

Assistant Football Coach Intern

Bly, Kelly

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Boone, Luke

Graduate Assistant of Student Activities

Boucher, Ian

Emerging Technologies and Outreach Librarian; Assistant Professor


Bowers, Dr. James

Associate Professor of English; Coordinator of Visiting Writers' Series


Boykin, Greg

Director of Information Systems

Brackett, John

Head Softball Coach

Brackett, Suzanne

Vice President of Finance

Brandt, Kimla

Technical Director

Brantley, Michael

Visiting Instructor of English


Brewer, Dr. Patricia

Associate Professor of Education


Brice, Albie

Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach

Brondyke, Mikah

Directory of YTI

Brown, John

Advancement Officer

Brown, Laura

Associate Dean of Adult Studies

Brys-Wilson, Jessica

Director of Health Services

Buel, Jason

Assistant Professor of Communication


Burgess, Dr. Esther

Directory of the Library


Burrell, Stephen

Associate Director of Residence Life

Cain, Rebekah

Director of Alumni Relations

Carroll, Kathryn S.

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice


Carson, Carol

Assistant Athletic Director for Medical Services

Carter, Denikee

Students Accounts Rep

Casebolt, Ryan

Systems Administrator

Cashwell, Candy


Check, John

Senior Advisor to President/Church Relations

Chichester, Doretha

Amissions Representative/ Rocky Mount Adult Studies

Choi, Dr. Jung

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies


Ciuffetelli, Ricky

Admissions Counselor

Clark, Dewey


Clark, Greg

JV Baseball Coach

Cliffe, Tina

Admissions and Advising Coordinator/ New Bern Adult Studies

Coats, Eddie

Vice President of College Advancement

Crews, Jonathan T.

Assistant Football Coach

Crowley, Dr. Shannon

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science


Cutchin, Vickie

Systems Technician Level II

Davenport, Shirlyn

Circulation Supervisor

Davidson, Vickie

Admissions Office Liaison

Dickerson, Celia

Coordinator of Parents Relations and Student Information

Dickerson, Kenny

Coodinator of Internship and Employer Relations

Donovan, Tim

Head Athletic Trainer

Dozier, Dr. Brent

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Drake, Roger

Professor of Theater


Drew, Michael

Associate Dean of Adult Studies/Rocky Mount

Driver, Desiree

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach/Director of Intramural Sports

Drum, Barry


Drum, Lee

Admissions Representative/Durham Adult Studies

Duff, Dr. Evan D.

Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs


Duff, Evan

Provost/Sr. Vice President of Academic Affairs

Edmundson, Rae Ann

Campus Support Specialist/Goldsboro Adult Studies

Edwards, Cindy

Executive Assistant to the President

Elhoffer, Kent

Professional Tutor

Elias, Dr. Daniel

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science


Everton, Dr. Robert

Asscociate Professor of Marketing


Farrell, Katie

Associate Dean of Adult Studies/Wilmington Adult Studies

Fatteh, Raziya

Assistant Director of Student Services/Durham Adult Studies

Felts, Dr. Bennie

Associate Professor of Business


Ferebee, Dr. Steve

Professor of English


Fields, Gail

Swichboard Operator

Filkovski, Jeff

Head Football Coach

Fleming, Vickie

Financial Aid and Admissions Counselor/Goldsboro

Foster, Angela

Director of Transfer Admissions

Foster, Karlyn

Marketing and Event Coordinator

Fruitt, Jane

Assistant Registrar

Gardner, Joni

Director of Admissions

Gentile, Vicky

Head Volleyball Coach

Gibbs, Heather

Assistant Manager

Godsey, Samantha

Coordinator of Academic Support Services

Grattan, Dr. Bill

Associate Professor of English; Faculty Advisor- The Decree


Greco, Tara

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Guttery, Mason

Director of Creative Services

Hale, Ashleigh

Assistant Director of Marketing


Hall, Rachel

Admissions Counselor

Harrell, Tammy

Academic Projects Coordinator

Harrison, Jessica

Coordinator of Academic Intervention Services

Hart, Dr. Lois

Assistant Professor of Education


Haskett, Matthew

Admissions and Advising Coordinator/Manteo Adult Studies

Hays, Brittany

Assistant Director of Community Colleges/Wilmington Adult Studies

Hedgepeth, Erma

Academic Advisor

Henderson, Daniel

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science


Hill, Leah

Associate Director of Financial Aid

Hilton, Stephanie

Administrative Assistant- Teacher Education

Hinson, Mark

Director of External Affairs

Holland, Sherry W.

Instructor of CIS


Jackson, Dr. Mary

Professor of Criminal Justice


Jochum, Mark

Assistant Football Coach

Jones, Terry

Coordinator of Freshman Advantage Program

Karnehm Willis, Dr. Amy

Professor of Sociology; Chair of the Faculty


Keil, Erica

Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

Kelley, Bettye

Institutional Research Assistant

Kelly, Jarrod T.

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Kelley, Larry

Chief Planning Officer

Kelly, Aubrey

Assistant Football Coach

Kennedy, Richard

Admissions and Advising Coordinator/Rocky Mount Adult Studies

Kenney, Jeananne

Associate Professor of CIS


Kim, Dr. Young Hun

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Kinney, Fabiola

Admissions and Advising Coordinator/Wilmington Adult Studies

Kitchin, Lindy

Director of Counseling and Disability Services

Komenda, Laura

Recruiting and Advising Coordinator/Goldsboro Adult Studies

Kosal, Dr. Erica

Associate Professor of Biology


Kuglitsch, Dr. Jeff

Associate Professor of Geology


Lancaster, Elizabeth

Assistant and Registration Specialist/Rocky Mount Adult Studies

Langley, Jessie

Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life

Larkin, Vincent “Chip”

Instruction and Assessment Librarian; Assistant Professor


Larkin, Vincent

Instruction and Assessment Librarian

Lawrence, Dr. Carol

Professor of Mathematics


Leonard, Marshall

Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach

Lewis, Dr. Carl

Instructor of Criminal Justice


Lewis, Dr. Jacquelyne

Associate Professor of CIS; Division Chair


Lilley, Ben

Associate Director of Admissions

Long, Charlie

Head Baseball Coach

Louch, Dr. Heather

Associate Professor of Biology & Director of the Teaching & Learning Center


Madrazo, Dr. Danielle R.

Associate Professor of Education; Director of Teacher Education


Magal, Dr. Meir

Associate Professor of Exercise Science, Division Chair


Malla, Saurav

Library Night Supervisor

Marsal, Dr. Elizabeth “Gail”

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice


Marsigli, Scott

Institutional Research Analyst

Martin, Dr. Kim

Associate Professor of Psychology


Martin, Sheila

Executive Director of the Dunn Center for the Performing Arts

Martin, Terrence

Embedded and Online Services Librarian; Assistant Professor


McLaughlin, Dr. Shirley

Associate Professor of Marketing/Finance


McWilliams, Rachel A.

Collection Development Librarian; Assistant Professor


Meadows, Lottie

Assistant Lacrosse Coach

Meadows Patterson, Dr. Pamela

Professor of Chemistry


Mercer, James

Instructor of Military Science and Director of ROTC

Meszaros, Allen

Help Desk Technician

Midgett, Dustin

Admissions Counselor

Mills, Meredith

Assistant Softball Coach

Mohan-Doyle, Dr. Keely

Assistant Professor of English; Director of the Writing Center


Morrison, Janet

Assistant Director of Residence Life

Moss, Allison

Director of Students Accounts

Naylor, J. Edward

Vice President for Student and Legal Affairs, Dean of Students

Norville, Dianna

Professional Tutor

Ormond Morgan, Sierra

Admissions Counselor

Ozment, Tim

Vice President of Human Services

Pannell, Mike

Master Carpenter/Gardner

Parker, Ruby

Box Office Assistant

Patterson, Lynne

Financial Aid Advisor

Perino, Dr. Julie

Assistant Professor of English; Director of the Writing Program


Phipps, Jennifer

Executive Assistant to the Provost

Pietryk, Robin

Coordinator of Disability Services

Preuss, Dr. Gregory S.

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Price Well, Paige

Admissions Counselor

Proctor, Martha

Administrative Assistant/Athletics

Quinan, Dr. Jay

Professor of Psychology, Division Chair


Ranke, Stephen

Help Desk Technician

Rice, Jonathan

Area Director for Residence Life

Rich, Marcus

College Store Manager

Rich, Rikki

Assistant Athletic Director and Sports Information Director

Ripke, Gregg

Head Golf Coach

Robinson, Barbara

Assistant Director of Student Accounts

Robinson, Tammy

Director of Advancement Services and Stewardship

Robinson Brown, Raeshel

Campus Support Specialist/Raleigh-Durham Adult Studies

Rollins, Judy

Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing

Ross, Dr. Chad

Assistant Professor of History


Rube, Danyelle

Enrollment Services Systems Specialist

Sanborn, Dr. Fred

Professor of Psychology


Sarris, Dr. Jonathan

Associate Professor of History


Sawyer, Tony

Director of Bands and Assistant Professor of Music


Sears, Wayne

Director of Security

Seets-Carmichael, Saundra

Manager of Operations/Raleigh-Durham Adult Studies

Sheeler, Amber D.

Instructor of Accounting; Assistant Director of the Teaching and Learning Center

Shoemaker, Chuck

Assistant Volleyball Coach

Smallwood, Joy

Director of Washington/Manteo/New Bern/Greenville Adult Studies

Smedley, Dr. Stanley

Associate Professor of Business


Smith, Catherine

Director of First Year Experience

Smith, Craig

Assistant Football Coach

Smith, Kyle

Visiting Instructor of English


Somers, Dani

Admissions Counselor/Wilmington Adult Studies

Smith, Dr. Patricia Matisz

Professor of Business Administration


Speight, Wendy

Administrative Assistant for Students Affairs

Spellman, Quinderra

Assistant Football Coach

Spells, Atyah

Academic Affairs Secretary

Stafford, Gail

Associate Professor of Mathematics


Stern, Dr. Andrew

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies


Stone, Taylor

First Year Experience Advisor

Stout, Alyssa

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Stovall, Dr. Daniel B.

Assistant Professor of Biology


Sundbom, Ayra

Instructional Technologist

Sweet, Dr. Katrina

Assistant Professor of Business Administration


Taal, Frankie

Head Men's Soccer Coach

Taylor, Sherra

Admissions Processing/Quality Control Specialist

Temple, Dr. John

Associate Professor of Biology


Templeton, Dr. Lee

Associate Professor of English; Division Chair


Terry, Marjorie

Testing Coordinator/Raleigh-Durham Adult Studies

Thomas, Nigel

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Thompson, John

Vice President and Director of Athletics/Head Men's Basketball Coach

Thompson, Raymond

Director of Facilities

Trader, Artina

Head Women's Basketball Coach

Turner, Dawn

International Students Services Coordinator

Tyndall, Lori

Senior Financial Aid Advisor

Votipka, Andrew

Budget Analyst

Walker, Bridget

Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

Walker, David E.

Instructor of Business Administration


Wallace, Grace

Library Technical Services Associate

Watson, Ann

Assistant to the Registrar

Wheeler, Donna

Administrative Assistant to the Campaign Coordinator

Whitley, Darrell

Director of Human Resources

Whitwell, Dr. George

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Whitwell, Mary

Laboratory Supervisor

Wilder, Katherine

Admissions and Advising Coordinator/Rocky Mount Adult Studies

Williams, David

Senior Admissions Counselor

Winstead, Elizabeth

Reference Librarian

Wood, Amy

Students Accounts Representative

Wright, Vincent

Grounds Assistant

Wyatt, Dr. Molly

Associate Professor of Sociology


Wygal, Kayla

Head Cheer and Dance Coach


Yankosky, Dr. Bill

Professor of Mathematics; Director of the Honors Program