Friday Feature- Abigail Leonard

Where are you from?
Tabor City, NC

How long have you attended NCWC and are you engaged in anything on campus? Sports?
I have attended NCWC for 4 years. I am the co-president of FCA, Vice President of Exercise Science club, a member of the Taylor-Crocker Honors Program, a student ambassador, and I play softball.

Do you consider yourself and introvert or an extrovert? 
Extrovert, for sure.

Vacation in Hawaii or Alaska? 
Alaska, because I love to travel and I’d love to see the Northern Lights.

What is your spirit animal?
Koala bear

Favorite cold weather drink?
French Vanilla Coffee from Dunkin Donuts

What is your favorite thing about Wesleyan?
The atmosphere. From the very first time I stepped on campus for my tour to four years later, I felt like NCWC was my second home. The small class size allowed me to focus more as well as interact with professors which I feel like truly prepare me for Grad school.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Driving slowly in the fast lane!

Favorite memory from Wesleyan?
Making lifetime friends by being involved in so many activities on campus.

Favorite part about the NCWC campus?
The overall beauty of it!

Future plans?
I GRADUATE IN 22 DAYS! I will attend Elon University to obtain my Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

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