Friday Feature- Will Plyler

Meet Will Plyler! Will is an incoming freshman, Rocky Mount native, and one of our John and Charles Wesley Heritage Scholarship recipients. 

Where are you from? Where did you graduate from?

I was born in Boone, NC, and lived in nearby Lenoir until I was 15.  Then my family moved to Rocky Mount, NC, where I currently reside.  I’m graduating from homeschool under my parents tutelage.


What made you decide to come to Wesleyan?

I love the atmosphere there, and the Spiritual movement there in recent years.  I’m confident that the Lord is at work among the people on campus there and I am anxious to be a part of it.


Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

DEFINITELY an extrovert.  I’m the most extroverted person I know; I love being around people and making new friends.


Vacation in Hawaii or Alaska? Why?

Alaska; I don’t really like going to the beach.  I love seeing the trees and wildlife there, especially in the fall.  I guess it’s because I grew up in the mountains?


What is your spirit animal?

I’d say a horse.  A horse is a strong, faithful, helpful companion.  I want to be known at Wesleyan as a faithful friend who can help carry people through struggles, like a horse carries his master through battle.


Favorite cold weather drink?

Ice water; I’m not really a hot drink person.


What is your favorite thing about Wesleyan?

The people; I love the hope and encouragement I feel when I visit campus.  Everyone there is so positive; it’s evident that they want to help you succeed and are with you to help you reach your goals.


What is your biggest pet peeve?

I’m a musician, and I have almost perfect pitch.  Sometimes my mom will sing off-key just to get on my nerves.  She thinks it’s funny; I do not.


Favorite part about the NCWC campus?

The Dunn Center; I’ve been to a lot of awesome concerts and plays in there.  I’d love to be involved in more events there in the future.


Tell us one odd or interesting fact about you.

I run a small business as a music producer.  I’ve produced 10 albums/EPs over the past 4 years.  It’s one of my very favorite things.


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