Planned Gifts

Help Keep Wesleyan Growing.

Did you know you can support Wesleyan without impacting yourself or your loved ones? There are ways you can give while still preserving your assets for retirement and providing for your family. Our Office of Advancement is here to help you examine your options.

Gifts anyone can afford to make:

Gifts from a Will or Trust
Designating us as a beneficiary in your will or trust is a simple way to commit to our cause, and it will not affect your cash flow during your lifetime. In addition, it’s easy to revoke this type of gift if your situation or goals change.

Beneficiary Designations
Naming us as the beneficiary of a retirement plan, financial account, or annuity is another easy way to help further our mission. You can continue to benefit from these assets during your lifetime. A beneficiary designation may also be changed at any time.

Life Insurance
If you have an old. unneeded life insurance policy, you can donate it to us and take an immediate tax deduction. You can also name us as a beneficiary of your policy.

Appreciated Securities, Real Property
If you own securities or real estate that you no longer need or wish to sell, a gift of these assets is another way that you can benefit us without impacting your cash flow. You may also benefit from capital gains tax avoidance by giving rather than selling these assets.

Life Estate
If you own your home and wish to remain living there, you can transfer your home (farm or vacation home) to us while retaining the right to use the home during your lifetime. Enjoy the added benefit of an income tax deduction!

What Legacy will You Leave?

We all desire significance – to lead happy and fulfilled lives surrounded by family and friends.

The search for significance and desire to plan for the future leads many to ponder their legacy. What kind of legacy will you leave? A bequest is perhaps the easiest and most tangible way to have a lasting impact on the people and organizations that mean the most to you. A bequest may also be an effective way to make a gift to charity and lessen the burden of taxes on your family and estate.

Support the Causes You Care About!

Do you ever wonder what the future holds?

While it’s impossible to know or control what happens in the future, you can have security while achieving your ultimate goals by making a plan. Planning is one way to create a secure future for you and your loved ones. With a good plan, you can rest easy knowing that your family will be well cared for and your property will pass to your intended beneficiaries.

The Charitable Gift Annuity

By Giving, We Receive.

Seeing firsthand how a gift changes lives and brings joy to others can change the lives of those that give. A charitable gift can have many benefits beyond just helping Wesleyan. Strategies like the charitable gift annuity, provide many reasons to give.

A powerful philanthropic tool for you and NC Wesleyan.

Life Insurance Gifts.

A gift of life insurance is a wonderful way to support our work at a significant level, but at a fraction of the cost of other gifts.