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Downloadable Assets

Use these downloadable assets as you craft your communications. Please be sure to check back often as these assets will continue to evolve with new examples. Read through the entire Brand Guidelines Book to make sure you understand rules, guidelines and different usages of asset before using these digital files to create college-related promotions. These assets are only to be used for official college communications.

Institutional Logo

Athletic Logos

Departmental Logos

Can't find your logo?

The College can supply other logos such as Office of Admissions, Office of Advancement, Dept of Athletics etc. by submitting a request with details to

The Dunn Center Logos


Official College Seal Logos

The official College “Seal” logos can only be used for specific purposes or projects. To request approval to use the logo and receive downloaded files, please submit a request with details to

secondary logo with seal for nc wesleyan college
secondary logo with seal for nc wesleyan college

Color Palette

Primary Brand Colors

These colors are a slight change from North Carolina Wesleyan’s previous palette while maintaining the traditional dark blue and gold motif that has endured for years. Each of the two primary brand colors represents qualities indicative of the core values of North Carolina Wesleyan College.

To ensure quality reproduction of the brand, the Pantone® Matching System (PMS) 2955 (blue) and 110 (gold) were selected for their:

1. Minimal variance when printed on coated or uncoated stocks as spot colors.

2. Minimal shift in tone when converted to specified process color values.

The primary brand colors are to be used in reproduction of the logo, but may also be used to color layout items or other branded elements. Neither color can ever be screened for any reason.

PMS 110

Pantone 110 Gold
C2 M22 Y100 K8
R215 G169 B0

PMS 2955

Pantone 2955 Navy
C100 M55 Y10 K48
R0 G60 B105

Zoom Meeting Backgrounds

How to set a virtual background in Zoom?

  1. Click to open the photo you want to use and save it.
  2. In Zoom, click the upward arrow, next to the Stop Video icon.
  3. Select Choose Virtual Background.
  4. Click the + in the top right corner and select the photo.
  5. Check the Mirror my video box. The image will look backwards to you but will appear normal to the person viewing your video feed.

Approved Typefaces and Usage

ncw branding griffon
ncw branding Gotham

Proper font selection tells the story of a brand as much as imagery and colors. Each typeface is chosen for a specific purpose and can represent an implied message hidden within the brand.

Griffon Light is the primary typeface for the NC Wesleyan logo. Griffon Light is a regal typeface intended to reflect sophistication and the college’s commitment to its founding values. It is reserved specifically for the logo. It is to be used sparingly in any other capacity.

Griffon Light Italic is only to be used as an accent for the logotype, such as a tagline. It is not recommended for use in any other capacity.

Read through the entire Brand Guidelines Book to make sure you understand rules, guidelines and usages of color and typography.

 The Gotham family was chosen for its stylish-yet-contemporary design, which reflects NC Wesleyan’s focus on the future. While the college pays homage to its past in its logotype, the Gotham body copy embraces “today” with its minimalist style and versatility. Gotham Light is the default typeface for titling, section headers or headlines above 18 pts., as well as body copy. Gotham Light is never to be used as body copy in reverse (white) on dark backgrounds.

(Example, white type on black or blue backgrounds.)

Gotham Book is reserved for headlines or subheads smaller than 18 pts. It is to be the default typeface for body copy placed in reverse on dark backgrounds. (Example, see bottom footer below.) It is to be the default for any body copy smaller than nine points.

Gotham Medium should be reserved for adding emphasis to titling smaller than 11 points, such as found in a business card or clerical forms. It is also approved for applications on dark backgrounds. Never use Gotham Medium as body copy.

To request font package downloads, please submit a request to

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The NC Wesleyan College Marketing & Communications team includes brand loyalists, planners, designers, developers, social media experts, copywriters and more to help you communicate Bishop Life to our community and prospective students. We are here to help you spread our story.