Professor’s Work with Exceptional Students Gains Statewide Recognition

Left to Right: Professor Patricia Brewer and Zach Holliday

ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA— Each year, the North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children (NC-CEC) awards mini-grants to learning programs for students with disabilities and celebrates the achievements of children and youth in these programs. This year, Patricia Brewer, Professor and Coordinator of Special Education at NC Wesleyan College, is a 2018 grant recipient and previous student of the program, Zach Holliday, is a 2018 Yes I Can! Award winner.

NC-CEC sponsors $500 grant(s) for the purpose of rewarding members who have innovative ideas to better meet the needs of students with disabilities. Students Helping Students After-School Program, is a service learning project within Teacher Education that provides after school services to K-12 children with learning differences in Nash-Rocky Mount schools. The program is designed so education students provide individualized instruction in math and reading. Additionally, the program provides parent advocacy training. Dr. Patricia Brewer facilitates this part of the program for parents of the K-12 children.

Dr. Brewer states, “Students Helping Students After-School Program is a clinical extension of education classes. It not only provides pre-service students an opportunity to have real-life experiences working with exceptional children; it also comes with an overwhelming sense of reward. Those rewards are received every day and even more so when students such as Zach are recognized for their accomplishments.”

Zach Holliday, a previous student of the program, is one of this year’s Yes I Can! Award winners. The Yes I Can! International Awards Program was established in 1981 to celebrate the achievements of children and youth with disabilities; to encourage them to seek their highest potential; and to increase public awareness of the abilities, aspirations and personal qualities of people with disabilities. Each year children and youth with disabilities are recognized for their accomplishments through the Yes I Can! Awards Program.

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